Aurelia TypeScript Samples

Aurelia TypeScript Samples

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Welcome to the Aurelia TypeScript Samples documentation.

These are exciting times for web, mobile and application developers. Fantastic advances are afoot and powerful open-source platforms and tools are now available, particularly Aurelia and TypeScript.

The information you find here is the result of efforts to make it easy to get started with Aurelia and TypeScript, to illustrate important concepts, and to show (through examples) interesting and useful ways Aurelia and TypeScript can be used to build information systems.

The project began, in part, because of the difficulty getting ESRI mapping technology to work well with modern JavaScript frameworks. This drove the initial Aurelia investigation and the work into bundling and system startup.

I value your feedback and guidance on issues you face, sample features you'd like to see, and any suggestions you have on improving the experience or other topics. Feel free to reach out by posting issues on the main Aurelia-TypeScript repository or visit the associated Aurelia-TypeScript Gitter Room.


Aurelia and TypeScript can be used together with many different tools and development platforms. This is good news for you because it is likely you can continue to use what you currently have in place for doing development.

The Overview section decribes important concepts and discusses the various available development options.

Repository Samples Organized by IDE / Build Choice

A number of specific repositories have been developed to make it easy for you to pull down samples for the development platform you are using.

Each of these repositories has a section describing the available samples

  • Atom Samples
  • Visual Studio 2015 Samples
  • Visual Studio Code Samples
  • WebStorm Samples
  • Gulp (Sublime Text) Samples

Aurelia-TypeScript Repository Samples

The Aurelia-TypeScript Repository Samples contains a variety of samples that target various development environments.